Which NFL Football Team has the Rarest Trading Cards?

Card collecting and trading have been a part of sports since the 1950s. Over the years, card trading has evolved greatly. It first started with baseball cards. Now, card trading has found its way into other sports such as the NFL. With the internet revolution, communities of card traders have developed and the dynamics of card trading have changed. This includes the emergence of exciting NFL card breaks that are streamed live online. The future of card trading is very bright. According to verified market research, the Global trading Card market will reach $98.75 billion by 2027. This huge predicted growth is attributed to technological advancement.

Though the way we open cards and talk about them is changing, the excitement remains the same. Some people prefer to collect specific players while others prefer to collect cards from their favorite team. Here are some of the NFL teams that have historically had the rarest and most expensive trading cards.

Baltimore Ravens

Over the years some of the biggest NFL card breaks have been rookie cards. Rookie cards are valuable because they are limited to the first season of a player's career. This makes them the ideal card to collect. However, those initial collectors must take a chance that the rookie player will make it big. If the player becomes a superstar, their rookie card value skyrockets. One of the rarest rookie cards is the Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis card. His prowess and success as a player has seen the value of his card rise steadily over the years.

New England Patriots

While a Ray Lewis rookie card is extremely valuable, Tom Brady's rookie card is even more valuable. Valued at over $312,000, the 2000 Tom Brady Card is one of history's most valuable cards. Playing for the New England Patriots, Tom rose through the ranks to become arguably the best quarterback in the NFL. His 20-year stint with the New England Patriots saw him rise to become one of the most valuable players of all time. However, the New England Patriots had another Tom Brady card that was more valuable. The 2000 Playoff Contenders Tom Brady Championship Ticket Autograph Rookie Card #144 sold at a whooping $3,107,372.40. It was the second most expensive sports card of all time. With such a popular player in their franchise, the New England Patriots may seem like clear winners. Yet, another franchise boasts the most expensive card of all time.

Kansas City Chiefs

The most valuable card was Patrick Mahomes' National Treasures Platinum Rookie Card. Selling at $4.3 million, it remains the highest-priced NFL card ever! Patrick Mahomes switched sports from being a baseball pitcher to an NFL quarterback early on. This would pay big dividends. He has made a name for himself as the electric All-Star Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. He continues to be an incredible player to watch.

With more Patrick Mahomes cards being released each year, the next most valuable card could be yours. What better way to get into the action then to try some NFL card breaks for yourself? They offer an intense and exciting new way to collect cards from your favorite team. Get started with NFL card breaks from Surefire Box Breaks today!