Although relatively new in popularity, the definition of box (or case) breaks varies from one breaker to another, as every breaker has his or her own way of breaking, but most will describe a similar version of below.

A box break is a live-streamed event in which a breaker will open a case, box or even pack of collectible trading cards for individuals or groups of people.

To buy into a break, "spots" are purchased at a specified price and each spot is randomly assigned a team (or whatever other list type is being used) in that break.

Once the box is opened any teams assigned to that spot are yours.

Getting involved in a break is a great way to affordably get into rare or expensive card sets without having to buy an entire box or case.


All cards are always shipped free. Cards Ship within 2 days of break (Tuesday - Friday)  


Refund Policy

All sales of break spots and single cards are final.


Personal Box/Case Breaks

Personal Box Breaks are purchased similar to Group Breaks except that the purchaser gets the entire contents of the box or case. The box or case is opened live on Facebook and YouTube after all group breaks are opened during the current or next live broadcast, according to the Broadcast Schedule.



All randomization will be done through Random.org VIA verified random. The verified random will be shown LIVE on YouTube along with the respective verification code which is available on random.org for 30 days to ensure that you’re purchasing legitimate randomization. Using the code, if you wish, you are able to see the exact history of the results and time the random was done.


What if I can't be online to watch the break?

 All breaks are recorded and uploaded to YouTube the night after a break happens.